The Marvel Cinematic Universe, ranked from worst to best

Photos: Marvel / Disney

Photos: Marvel / Disney
Graphic: Rebecca Fassola

Note: This article was originally published in April 2019, just before the release of Avengers: Endgame. It has been updated with every Marvel movie released since.

In a few days, Marvel Studios will finally pay off last summer’s agonizing cliffhanger Avengers: Infinity War with the culmination of 11 years of onscreen comic book storytelling. How the eagerly awaited End of Game lived up to the 21 films that came before it, going back to Iron Man In 2008? Conventional critical wisdom holds that the floor and ceiling of the Marvel Cinematic Universe aren’t so far apart – that by crafting a recipe for success, the company has managed to avert outright disaster. , although its principle of safe quality is also more or less negates the possibility of a true pop masterpiece of the genre. Yet like anyone who has experienced both a boring Iron Man Where Thor sequel and Oscar-winning zeitgeist phenomenon from last winter Black Panther can surely attest, there is a range of quality within this franchise of franchises. That is, while every MCU movie has been a success, not all are created equal. Below, The AV Club offered its ranking, from worst to best, of every Marvel movie leading up to this week’s new. Like the studio, we didn’t dream of spoiling our final phase. Okay, here’s a little hint: Ed Norton fans, this won’t be your day of revenge.

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