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The Marvel Cinematic Universe It has a peculiarity that distinguishes it from the rest of the franchises: having so many films in its saga, the number of characters presented is very large. All are interpreted by actors who have shown their talent and demolished the prejudices of superhero films. Chris Hemswoth as Thor, Chris Evans as Captain America and Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man are just a few of them.

But what about your physical appearance? The Avengers Major has been praised several times by viewers. And of course, directors always look for the best angles where the costumes and makeup make them look even more beautiful and dedicate themselves as the sexiest men in the industry today. However, one of them is the one that gets all the attention.

In recent days, the magazine People announced that sexiest man in the world in 2021 is Paul Rudd, actor who plays The ant Man. Even he was surprised: he was not among the candidates and the one with the greatest potential to win this title was none other than Chris Evans. However, far from what the top media outlets refer to each year and even what many users think, Marvel Studios‘ most appealing name is quite another.

The answer is… Chris Hemsworth! The actor who plays Thor and still continues to shoot movies for Kevin Feige’s company turned out to be one of those who takes care of his image the most. It is common to see videos of his training on his profiles on social networks, in addition to this several of his colleagues commented that he spends a lot of time in the field of makeup and hairdressing before entering the tray. But it is they who they flattered him.

Scarlett Johansson, as part of BBC Radio 1’s Playground Insults game, mocked her appearance and said sarcastically: “You are terrible. We’ve all talked about it, you’re really ugly. Your biceps look like a Thanksgiving turkey”. For his part, Chris Evans was very direct and didn’t need any jokes to say it: “Chris Hemsworth is the sexiest man in the world, this is the most beautiful of Marvel movies“:

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