The Snowpiercer pandemic could explain some key disappearances

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for snowdrops Season 3, Episode 5, “A New Life”, now available on TNT.

One of the most intriguing aspects of snowdrops This is how he created such a vast world in the train designed by Mr. Wilford (Sean Bean). While the film only focused on Chris Evans’ Curtis and a handful of Tail Rebels attacking First Class, the series fleshed out various sections, such as the Night Car, while tackling more divisions and sinister killers like LJ. However, over the three seasons of the show, key characters have disappeared without any explanation, leaving fans wondering why they weren’t around anymore. Well, this all may have been explained thanks to one of the show’s recent developments: a pandemic.

The first notable disappearance was Dr. Klimpt, who was one of the people overseeing the drawers, where people who opposed Wilford would be sedated. However, he became disenfranchised with Mel’s empire and eventually joined Layton’s Resistance to gain equality on the train. Jinju is another key Season 1 character who disappeared. When Till also began to realize that they were part of an elite system that needed to be abolished, she tried to convince Jinju, who was her love interest, to join her and change things with Layton. Unfortunately, Jinju was devoted to Mel, choosing to hide rather than fight in another civil war. Finally, Josie’s adopted son, Miles, fell out of the story after his apprenticeship. He was really smart, so Mel wanted to keep him as leverage against Layton and Josie. But when Mel teamed up with Layton when Wilford returned, Miles was nowhere to be found.

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Klimpt is absent in Snowpiercer

However, the show may have provided an explanation for these characters’ whereabouts during the time jump between seasons 2 and 3. It was revealed that one of Wilford’s twisted scientists, Dr. , died along with countless others when a virus hit the train. Mrs. Headwood admitted the truth to Layton when he returned and dropped off Wilford, admitting that her husband had died and that the Resistance also had many allies, including Strong Boy.

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The pandemic could also explain why Till has been so bitter. Losing Jinju and dealing with him on her own would fit her character as she always cut a lone wolf figure. As for Klimpt, he didn’t really have any friends, so many thought Wilford had kicked him out for being a traitor. But it is quite possible that he could also have perished. Miles is a wildcard because Josie and Layton reportedly took the news seriously, and he appeared briefly in Season 2 to see Josie when Wilford mutilated her. But since then he has kept a low profile, leaving his fate as up in the air as all the other characters.

Find out how the Eternal Engine performs after the virus in Season 3 of Snowpiercer, which airs Mondays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on TNT.

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