The surprising connection between Deadpool and Love, Death & Robots

The key connection between “Deadpool” and “Love, Death & Robots” is, if you haven’t guessed it already, Tim Miller. If you’re an entertainment fan who hasn’t heard of him before, you might be forgiven (this time). After all, according to his IMDb page, he kept a relatively low profile in Hollywood until his directorial debut on “Deadpool”. As a director he also worked on a few short films, but he didn’t really gain his notoriety as a director until his campy superhero movie starring Ryan Reynolds exploded and made a profit. net of $ 782 million worldwide, exceeding its budget of $ 58 million (via Mojo ticket office).

Miller is also the creator of “Love, Death, & Robots”, in addition to having been the principal director of “Deadpool”. He’s also a lead executive producer alongside David Fincher for the popular anthology series, and for anyone who doesn’t know, Fincher is an executive producer with a long history of Hollywood successes such as “Se7en” , “Gone Girl,” and “The Social Network,” to name a few. Miller even directed two of the show’s most cerebral episodes, “Ice Age” (season 1) and “The Drowned Giant” (season 2).

Despite the series’ resounding success, it hardly ever saw the light of day. And fans also have Miller’s criminal partner Fincher to thank for that.

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