The Truth About John Krasinski and Ryan Reynolds Relationship

At first glance, it doesn’t seem like John Krasinski and Ryan Reynolds know each other. After all Office star and dead Pool he himself has never done a movie or TV show together.

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It turns out, however, that the two actors (and filmmakers) are very good friends. Even more interesting, it looks like they have a bromance going on.

Fans were excited when the double dates started happening

It’s unclear how Krasinski and Reynolds first met. However, one would imagine that they would have a lot to say since both are parents of young children. Coincidentally, both actors have daughters (Krasinski has two daughters while Reynolds has three).

That said, before anyone even realized the two were talking to each other, these men started having double dates together. In 2018, the actors were spotted with their wives in New York City. Krasinski and his wife, Emily Blunt, wore matching black sweaters while Reynolds and his wife Blake Lively coordinated in black and white outfits. That night, the happy quartet had come out to attend a screening of Stanley Tucci’s film, Final portrait, at the Guggenheim Museum.

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It also turns out that Blunt and Lively are good friends themselves. Indeed, the two women even attended the Michael Kors fall-winter 2018 show together. Speaking with E!, Lively even noticed how successful Blunt was in losing her baby’s weight after giving birth. “That one. She was just that size two months after the birth and I think that’s what’s so hard about you is comparing yourself to other moms.

They also supported each other in the movies

Their second date as a couple turned out to be more special than the first as it was Krasinski and Blunt’s first. A quiet place. At the same time, Reynolds couldn’t help but praise the film on social media, either. In a tweet, the dead Pool star revealed, “I’ve seen #AQuietPlace twice in a week. WATCH THIS MOVIE! @johnkrasinski and #EmilyBlunt are my new parents. Congratulations, Ryan. In response, Krasinski tweeted,” Thank you my son. Your mom and i am so proud.

And even when it looked like the film had the potential to become a huge hit, Reynolds testified that Krasinski remains the same humble actor he always was. “John is definitely not the guy who calls his shots that way,” Reynolds explained. speaking with the New York Times. “Before A quiet place came out, it wasn’t like he was walking around saying this thing was going to blow up the doors of the industry. He talks softly about most things.

Meanwhile, Lively and Reynolds also attended the Blunt’s premiere. Mary Poppins Returns. In one article, Reynolds even jokingly remarked, “She’s brilliant. She needs to be stopped.

They hung out together whenever possible

In addition to attending movie premieres, these famous couples also set up more casual get-togethers. In fact, Krasinski, Blunt, and their kids were even invited to a birthday party for one of Reynolds and Lively‘s daughters. During the party, Krasinski admitted that he and Reynolds acted like children themselves as they interacted with one of the animals that kept the children entertained. “There were animals. The kids saw a chinchilla and exploded, ”Krasinski recalls during an appearance on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert. “So we weren’t playing with all the other animals. And so there was the owl, and Ryan and I went to snuggle it up.

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The two actors also stayed with the owl despite the risks. At the party, they asked his master if the bird could “pluck our eyes out”. “And the guy was like, ‘Sure. You should walk away. And we said to ourselves: “Ha ha ha ha”. And it was a Saturday. Krasinski and Reynolds even had the courage to take a selfie with the owl. “He understood that we gave off a very loving masculine energy and he was digging it,” Krasinski joked. “We became 14 year old boys.

And when the pandemic hit the United States and forced everyone to stay at home, the two players kept in touch. And when they did, the men spoke out about what mattered most. “We were mainly talking about what it’s like to raise children in the midst of a pandemic.”

Guess who’s making a movie together

With the two actors being longtime friends, it made sense that Reynolds and Krasinski would finally collaborate on an on-screen project. In 2019, it was announced that the actors were teaming up for the fantasy comedy Imaginary friends, which was taken over by Paramount. The studio apparently landed the project after winning a bidding war also involving Lionsgate and Sony.

Krasinski produces, directs, writes and stars in the film. Reynolds will co-star with his longtime friend. Imaginary friends tells the story of a man who can see and talk with other people’s imaginary friends. It is also later discovered that those who have long been forgotten or rejected have already moved on to the dark side.

At the moment, it is not known when the two actors will start production on their next film. However, fans can be sure Krasinski and Reynolds are already talking behind the scenes.

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