The X-Men’s Storm and Deadpool Cable easily killed the Hulk

Two powerful X-Men once joined forces to take down the terrifying threat of an enraged and rampaging Hulk possessed by an outside force.

While the Hulk is a hero and a founding member of the Avengers, he can be one of the most terrifying beings in the Marvel Universe. When he was possessed by Onslaught in The Incredible Hulk # 444 (by Peter David, Angel Medina, Robin Riggs, Richard Starkings, and Comiccraft), it took a combined effort from X-Men Cable and Storm to bring down the Jade Giant.

The villainous entity known as Onslaught arose out of the combined powers of Professor X and Magneto. His power was untold, and the ensuing battle between him and all of Earth’s heroes was one of the most catastrophic in history. For such power to possess the Hulk is unthinkable. The Hulk is already virtually unstoppable, and being possessed by a being like Onslaught could potentially mean the destruction of the entire planet if left unchecked.

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The Incredible Hulk # 444 begins with the possessed Hulk being chased by Storm as he runs away with his unconscious teammate Cable. The two mutants do their best to reach the Hulk but to no avail. The situation deteriorates further and further as Cable is more and more beaten by the Hulk. Knowing that Onslaught must be purged of the Hulk at all costs, the mutant tactical strategist hatches a final ditch plan. If Storm can strike the Hulk with a powerful bolt of lightning at the same time Cable attacks with a telepathic assault, the hope is that both X-Men can “reboot” the Hulk’s brain for a few seconds, ridding his mind of the psionic intruder. .

The plan was successful as the combined attacks rendered the Hulk unresponsive for several seconds. Another combined effort between the two X-Men was successful in bringing the Green Behemoth back to consciousness, but not before Cable bemoaned that they may have killed him. Historically, the Hulk has demonstrated a regeneration ability comparable to that of Wolverine and a level of durability that makes him almost entirely invincible.

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One interesting possibility to entertain is whether or not the MCU version of Hulk might or might not be killed in a similar case by the two mutants. While the X-Men haven’t officially made their MCU debut, they have been portrayed in their own lineup of films. Storm in the X-Men movies has shown that she possesses all of her incredible power in the comics, and Deadpool 2’s Cable was as powerful as him in the comics. While Cable’s psychic powers weren’t fully on display in his one film appearance, there’s no reason to believe he doesn’t have them. The Hulk in the MCU has proven to be incredibly strong, but also more fallible than his comic book character. If Storm and Cable teamed up and succeeded in attacking the MCU Hulk the way they did against the Onslaught Possessed Hulk, chances are they would achieve a similar victory.

In reality, there is a very slim chance that Storm, Cable, and Hulk will meet this way in the movies. If all the heroes met in the movies, they probably wouldn’t fight against each other. Also, in case they get to blows, neither Cable nor Storm would have enough knowledge about the Hulk to come up with such a tactic. It’s a plausible plan, but very unlikely to happen within the confines of the MCU.

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