Top 7 times Ryan Reynolds was the most relatable actor on social media

Celebrities, despite their endless wealth and endless glamor, often look a lot like us. After all, they’re human, aren’t they?

And in our humble opinion, there isn’t a celebrity as relatable as Ryan Reynolds. Whether on social media or through his versatile on-screen roles, no one in Hollywood has achieved a balanced sincerity like the dead Pool actor.

Not only was Reynolds successful on the big screen, he was voted People Magazine’s Sexiest Man in the World in 2012, acquired a successful gin business in 2018, and spends his free time often roasting others. celebrities online. He really does it all. That said, we decided to sum up some of his best social media moments because, why not?

1. Her honesty about parenting never fails to delight

Reynolds often uses his kids as a source of comedic relief, and his 2015 tweet about becoming a new dad didn’t disappoint

2. We’ve all had a “bad hair” phase

We’ve all had bad days with hair, and while it’s easy to assume that Reynolds was born with flawless locks, that clearly wasn’t always the case. Reynolds roasted himself in the New Years Instagram post, but while his blonde locks are questionable, we still find him adorable.

3. Oversized sunglasses are overrated

Reynolds added his own rocket to tiny sunglasses with what appear to be kid-sized glasses, possibly belonging to one of his children. We have to give it to the actor to find comic relief wherever he can.

4. His false quarrels with Hugh Jackman give us life

While their hostility to each other only exists on screen, we can’t help but support the ongoing feud between Reynolds and Jackman on social media.

5. And the Oscar goes to …

When dead Pool received no Oscar nominations for the 2016 Oscars, Reynolds and 20th Century Fox joked about the ordeal by creating a fake Oscar campaign for the film. You have to admire Reynolds’ mix of creativity and humor.

6. Invite the children to the series of dead Pool

While Reynolds’ Deadpool character, The Merc, might have a huge mouth, his heart is just as big. In partnership with the Make-A-Wish Foundation, Reynolds invited many children to the filming of his R-rated superhero extravaganza.

7. Iconic birthday wish

Reynold’s is known for her iconic birthday wishes, but this particular message for Reynolds and Billy Ray Cyrus’ wife is pretty high on the list.

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