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Dazzling talent deals and big mergers make headlines in Hollywood, but some of the most important negotiations happen behind closed doors — and, by design, never make the press.

In The Hollywood ReporterIn the upcoming Power Lawyers: Power Lawyers Troubleshooters feature, we spotlight the attorneys who are helping entertainment stars solve their problems without fanfare. As part of the selection process, THR accepts appointments from lawyers who stand out from their peers in criminal, family or trusts and estates law. (An editorial team will evaluate submissions, in addition to conducting independent research.)

Do you know someone who needs to be called in a crisis? Submit this form before September 23.

Nominations should highlight the attorney’s accomplishments over the past year, in as much detail as possible. There is no specific word count, but brevity is appreciated. The deadline for nominations is firm and the lawyers chosen for the list will be notified directly.

If you’re a client who wants to recommend your attorney but aren’t publicly linked to them, don’t worry. There is a box you can check on the form that will keep your name confidential.

Email [email protected] with any questions.

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