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“What we have learned is that films continue to matter, we believe they will matter for decades to come, and we are proudly investing in them,” the CEO said on Thursday. of WarnerMedia’s Jason Kilar on AT & T’s third quarter earnings conference call when asked about lessons from Warner Bros. ‘ hybrid exit strategy this year.

“We have been a very leader and [been] the first on the wall, so to speak, “rolling out the 2021 roster through the HBO Max streaming service and theaters in a way designed to work for consumers and exhibitors, Kilar argued.

For 2022, Warner Bros. had promised exclusive tentpole movie releases in theaters, but will also be producing 10 movies exclusively for HBO Max to boost the growth of subscribers to the streamer. “As for the way forward, we are committed to 2022, and that is the visibility that we have, to a combination of two things,” Kilar said.

On Thursday, Kilar also praised the initial momentum of the ad-supported version of HBO Max and expressed enthusiasm for its prospects. He also noted that the AVOD version will have “full content parity” with HBO Max without ads. But movie releases, like Dune and Matrix resurrections, will not be available on it.

By the end of 2020, WarnerMedia sent shockwaves through Hollywood by unveiling a hybrid release strategy for its 2021 roster, making the films available on HBO Max for the first 30 days when they are also available in theaters.

WarnerMedia CEO Jason Kilar recently admitted he rushed to release his decision to place the Warner Slate on HBO Max and should have taken “the better part of a month” to speak with the many individuals. and partners affected by day and date. gap.

“Looking back, we should have taken almost a month to have over 170 conversations – which is the number of attendees that are on our 2021 movie list,” Kilar told Vox Media’s Code conference at the end of September. . “We tried to do it in a short period of time, less than a week, because of course there would be leaks, everyone would be wondering whether we should do it or not.”

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