What happened to Spider-Man 4 and Deadpool 3 at Comic-Con 2022?

Marvel’s Comic-Con 2022 panel delivered some huge news, way beyond what everyone expected. Kevin Feige announced the MCU Phase 5 slate and revealed three crucial Phase 6 release dates: The Fantastic Four, Avengers 5, and avengers 6. The latter will end the multiverse saga, which is what phases 4 to 6 are called. But there was no question of Spiderman 4 and Dead Pool 3 at Comic-Con.

These films are surely coming, with Marvel and Disney having discussed each of them in the past. It’s very likely that Peter Parker (Tom Holland) and Wade Wilson (Ryan Reynolds) will be involved in future crossover events, especially the upcoming one. avengers adventures. But Marvel just isn’t ready to announce release dates just yet.

Nope Spiderman 4 at Comic-Con 2022

Marvel’s Comic-Con panel isn’t exactly the place to announce Spiderman 4even if it could have been an ideal place for a Dead Pool 3 release date revealed.

The Spider Man The franchise isn’t owned by Marvel, and the Comic-Con event was all about the vastness of the MCU. Spider-Man may be hugely popular with fans, but Marvel doesn’t need him to make the MCU work. This continues to be true despite the huge No coming home Hit.

Without forgetting that Spiderman 3 was not announced at Comic-Con 2019. We will point out that Disney and Sony were already battling at that time, and the Spiderman 3 the revelation came later that summer.

Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds) and Korg (Taika Waititi) react to a trailer for Free Guy. Image source: Ryan Reynolds

Going into Comic-Con, we already knew that Spiderman 4 what will happen. It’s not just Sony executives who have said this. Kevin Feige has already confirmed Marvel and Sony are working on the movie, starring Tom Holland. No coming home help studios reboot history, and we’ll probably get another one Spider Man trilogy.

Then there’s the fact that Sony has to keep doing Spider Man films to retain the rights to the character. And Sony is also slowly expanding its Spider-Man Universe (SSU), which will tell stories related to Spider-Man.

With all of this in mind, it seems inevitable that Spiderman 4 will happen in the MCU for years to come. It may not be that early, but a Phase 6 release could make sense for the movie.

Finally, there is also a crucial detail that Sony confirmed before the No coming home first. Tom Holland’s Peter Parker will appear in an unnamed MCU title down the road. It’s part of the Sony-Disney deal.

Spider-Man: No Way Home Blu-ray Announcement
Announcing Spider-Man: No Way Home Blu-ray: Recreation of the Spidey Meme. Image source: Sony

Where is the Dead Pool 3 announcement?

While we weren’t expecting a Spiderman 4 liberation reveal, Dead Pool 3 seemed certain for Comic-Con. After so many years of waiting, Marvel could have finally recognized the Merc with a Mouth and had him throw the party in San Diego.

However, at least one reason could have prevented this announcement. There is no doubt that the first wakanda forever trailer generated a lot of emotion at Comic-Con. Marvel, MCU fans and characters still mourn Chadwick Boseman and T’Challa. This might not be the right place for Ryan Reynolds to appear in character and poke fun at the MCU – assuming that would ever happen.

Second, Marvel has yet to announce its X-Men plans. And we are not counting here the animated productions that will be part of the MCU. And Wade Wilson is also a mutant.

We’ve only begun to learn about mutants in the MCU, of which Ms. Marvel (Iman Vellani) is one. Maybe Marvel might want to unveil the Dead Pool 3 title later once it may also reveal additional mutant movies and TV shows.

Future announcements at D23 Expo?

That said, Dead Pool 3 is not like Spiderman 4 when it comes to manufacturing. Work has already started on the dead Pool sequel, and we’ve seen many updates on this over the past few months. It’s likely the movie will be released in 2024 or 2025 at this point. And of course it looks like Dead Pool 3 will hit theaters in time for Wade to join the Avengers.

We remind you that D23 Expo is the next major event where Marvel could reveal details about the MCU. After all, Marvel showed 11 dates for Phase 6, but only revealed three titles.

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