Ranveer Singh is the superstar of this generation and a multifaceted versatile performer. That his popularity extends beyond the Indian diaspora and South Asians alone is evident from Ryan Reynolds’ witty reference to Ranveer in an interview. In a recent chat with India Today, Reynolds said that if there was one Indian actor DM he would want to get into, it would be Ranveer Singh!

Reynolds spoke to the publication while promoting a docu-series and expressed his fondness for Ranveer. His banter with Ranveer when Deadpool 2 was released in Hindi had generated a lot of interest on Twitter. Reynolds seems to have followed Ranveer’s work and career choices ever since.

Ryan Reynolds‘ praise for Singh reinforces that his potential and popularity are limitless among today’s viewers around the world. And his work has impressed global movie stars and moviegoers over time.

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