What is the spice mix that Ryan Reynolds shared on Instagram?

“If it wasn’t so good, I’d be upset…”, jokes the Vancity native.

“The Ryan Reynolds Effect” may not be an official business term, but it could just as well be; When the Vancouver-born superstar shouts out a product he loves on his social media, it can really do wonders for a local business — even one that’s been around for a long time.

Reynolds shared a photo on his Instagram Story on Aug. 5 showing a bottle of steak seasoning called “Vancity Grind.”

“If it wasn’t so good, I’d be upset…,” Reynolds jokes about the company’s use of “Vancity,” whose own social media handle is @VancityReynolds.

Vancity Grind is made by Grandpa J’s Seasonings, a woman-founded company in Vancouver that has been around for several years, though this particular seasoning blend is one of its newer products.

Grandpa J’s President Jenny Sior said online that seeing Reynolds sharing her product on Instagram was “completely breathtaking.”

Sior, who is currently in Greece, says she found out in the early hours of the morning when her sister in Vancouver called to tell her the news.

The company is “primarily a wholesale manufacturer of seasonings for restaurants, large franchise chains, food halls, institutional kitchens, and golf courses,” according to its website, and was founded with the intent to “carry on the legacy of Master Chef founder, Jim Voulides.”

Long known for its signature versatile Grandpa J seasoning, the company has added two more flavors to its offerings during the COVID-19 pandemic thanks to the rise in online shopping and home cooking. One is Greko Lemon Roast Potato Seasoning, and the other is of course Vancity Grind Steak Mix.

Reynolds likes to pay attention to his favorite people and places in Vancouver. He recently helped local photographer Ben Glassco gain exposure through a social media spotlight, and he often talks about his best Vancouver spots, like local restaurants.

Want to see where you can get your hands on the “Vancity” spice mix that Reynolds couldn’t help but love? Grandpa J’s has a “Where to Buy” page on their website.

VIA reached out to Grandpa J’s to find out more about the Ryan Reynolds “effect” and what it’s been like for them.

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