What Ryan Reynolds Thinks ‘Welcome To Wrexham’ Has In Common With ‘Deadpool’

Before even meeting Always sunny in Philadelphia actor, creator and producer Rob McElhenney, Ryan Reynolds has agreed to buy a Welsh football club with him, Wrexham AFC

Their journey with the team and the town of Wrexham (North Wales, UK) will be chronicled in the upcoming FX docuseries Welcome to Wrexhampremiering with two episodes on Wednesday, August 24 on FX at 10 p.m. ET, airing the next day on Hulu. The following episodes will air until early October.

MORE FORBESWhat Rob McElhenney and Ryan Reynolds learned after buying a football team

Reynolds and McElhenney were desperate to use their resources to help the fifth-tier club get promoted to a better league. They would soon learn that trying to elevate the status of the Red Dragons, the third oldest professional football team in the world, would be a big undertaking.

When tasked with improving the club, Reynolds and McElhenney had to part ways with some staff to bring in new and improved bodies. One of those moves included a supposedly high price for a player who could score.

Ryan had an interesting response after he was jokingly asked if the player’s one-year deal was over or under budget for his upcoming Marvel Studios film. Dead Pool 3.

“Well, you have to bring this up with Kevin Feige,” Reynolds said via Zoom video, laughing while promoting Welcome to Wrexham. “Yeah, sure, Deadpool 1The budget was just spat out and about 58 cents. But, I think… in fact, it’s even interesting that you mention it because I think there’s actually a tangible parallel there, which is that I think great things happen when there are constraints.

“Typically what kills creativity, at least in my mind, is when there’s too much time and too much money. And at least when you’re trying to create a National League operation with a club like Wrexham, you have to look at it in a sustainable way.

“So you’re not looking to put your finger on a scale that’s just obscene in a way, but you’re looking to build a team that you can actually sustain and sustain for a long time. We’re kind of trying to create a model there. And it’s not too different from how we looked dead Pool.

“All types of obstacles that we faced, every moment the studio took money away from us that we needed for our budget, we found ways to turn it into lemonade. And it’s kind of like that’s what we approached, at least this project certainly.

Unlike the dead Pool movies, Ryan didn’t want to star in Welcome to Wrexham.

“Well, I think the first decree we had was that we wanted to be part of Wrexham history. We don’t want to drag Wrexham into our history,” Reynolds said. “So I think if you look with these railings, it’s pretty self explanatory.

“I mean, we don’t want to center ourselves so much on becoming the ‘Rob and Ryan Show.’ the attempt of something so crazy and unexpected.

“It’s the third oldest professional football club in the world playing in the oldest international stadium in the world. It’s serious business for everyone. I don’t care if you’re five at Wrexham or you’re 95 years. There is a craze.

“Wrexham AFC runs in every person’s blood. So it’s high stakes right off the bat. And centering the club is an easy decision because no matter how you tell the story, that’s what’s going to happen in the long run anyway.

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