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Ryan Reynolds has been crushing us for years, between his landmark roles in films like Proposal, dead Pool or even van Wilder which we cannot ignore, although I’m sure many of us wish we could. When he’s not giving us the LOLs on screen, he brings them to us thanks to his hilarious social media presence, which his wife Blake Lively is often the target of (although she definitely serves him in return).

In his latest film free guy, Reynolds channels a little dead Pool and a lot of his canadian charm as he plays “Blue Shirt Guy” who one day realizes he’s been living in a video game his whole life – which could explain why the bank in which he works is constantly robbed by armed robbers. Blue Shirt Guy decides to step in and become a hero of the game, rather than a background player, with the help of Molotov Girl / Millie (Jodie Comer from Kill Eve). Together, the duo seek to free Free City from the grip of money-hungry Antwan (Taika Waititi) who has turned gambling into a soulless cash grab.

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Directed by Shawn Levy, whose credits include Huge liar, Cheaper by the dozen, the Night at the museum series, and Strange things, free guy had a great opening weekend in the US, pulling US $ 10.5 million, including US $ 2.2 million premieres on its first day in theaters. More excitingly, the film has already been picked for a sequel by Disney, proving that the concept has serious star power.

People these days are all about peer reviews and we’re more likely to buy a product, try a new restaurant, or see a new movie if other people are raving about it. With that in mind, we thought we’d take a look at what the audience has been saying about free guy so far to help you get even more excited about booking those $ 11 eBay tickets to go and see it. Here is what they had to say.

One Twitter user liked the movie so much that she was forced to jump to social media to sing its praises, writing: “I wanted to go through the old Twitter machine to say I saw #FreeGuy last night and I ended up * loving it. * Really subversive and powerful stuff with really funny moments and wonderful action. I would recommend!”

Another tweeted: “Loved it #FreeGuy! it may still be my favorite “video game” movie. Highly recommend. ”

In a rave review, a cinephile was enthusiastic: “I just saw #FreeGuy and I have to recommend it to everyone on my calendar. Surprisingly fun, and it’s very special for gamers. I wasn’t even expecting all of this but it is a must see. Do yourself a favor.

And even The beauty and the Beast Star Josh Gad took part in the love party, posting a Tweet that simply read, “#FreeGuy is everything.”

In praise of the film, which has been described as a combination of Loan Player One, The matrix, Lego movie, The Truman Show, and Grand Theft Auto, was not limited to Twitter either.

The film enjoys an impressive 95% audience rating on the overall website Rotten tomatoes, out of 195 reviews (at time of publication).

Kirsten Acuna from Initiated, noted that in addition to being very funny, free guy Also involves deeper message writing, “Reynolds and Levy not only made a great video game movie, but also a surprisingly clever satire on toxic video game work culture without it being boring or hard to understand.”

Another wrote: “I can’t remember how long we’ve been having so much fun in the theater!” Fantastic fun and loud! ” while another raved “Filled with hilarious moments, a super fun cast, a huge heart and pure joy, free guy is an incredibly welcome surprise and an instant action comedy classic! Ryan Reynolds absolutely KILLS and the supporting cast are all in great shape. ”

It could easily have been a sultry, sexualized, ultra-violent shoot-’em-up with nothing else in mind, “one viewer wrote. “Instead, the film appears to have been made with real care, which makes it both charming and genuinely interesting.”

free guy is as uplifting and human as it is hilarious and action-packed, ”said another fan. “It’s a film that champions the value of friendship and positivity over division and negativity, a refreshing prospect that seems especially vital in today’s world.”

Overall, viewers agreed on two things: 1. The movie is a riot of laughter, and 2. Everyone needs to go see it ASAP.

Ryan Reynolds himself took to Twitter to express his gratitude for the warm welcome free guy has so far received, posting: “The reactions, and now the attendance, blew me away. Thank you. It’s heartwarming to see so many people adopt a heartwarming attitude. “

So if you want to contribute to the happiness of Ryan Reynolds – and, let’s be real, who doesn’t want to do that? – then it’s time to book your ticket to see free guy, which is now showing in Hoyts Theaters. All you have to do is just head to ebay.com.au/hoyts you can therefore reserve your $ 11 ticket through eBay Tuesdays. We will meet over there !

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