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Salma Hayek slapped Ryan Reynolds incredibly hard in The Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard. In 2017, Reynolds featured as nominal protector Michael Bryce, close to Samuel L. Jackson’s hired shooter Darius Kincaid, in the activity spoof, The Hitman’s Bodyguard. The amigo parody was an unexpected hit in the film world, grossing $ 180 million in mixed audits that applauded the science between the two stars, while also derailing the plot and helpless execution.

On meeting with Variety again, Reynolds shared that Hayek had slapped him incredibly hard. In case that wasn’t enough for her “delicate Hollywood cheekbones” (in Reynolds’ words), Jackson once took part in the activity as well. For those who think more seriously, here are the ways in which Reynolds described the few slaps he received in The Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard:

I am insulted twice by Salma and once by Samuel L. Jackson. For the record, it was Salma who did not hold back. Not even once. Anyway, I can feel the sharp prick of his tiny hand making its way into my delicate Hollywood cheekbones. May God be kind to his spirit.

Hayek makes the most of his increased contribution to the spin-off by slapping Reynolds once, but twice. While he didn’t give the slap a lot of settings, it will likely be in light of Michael’s reluctance to join her on a risky mission to save his other half. While there were high expectations for Hitman’s wife’s bodyguard at that point, this story should only attract a few more eyeballs that desperately need to see the Deadpool star slapped by Hayek.

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