Why Nic Cage’s Twisted Metal Movie Never Happened

The Twisted Metal video game almost had a film adaptation starring Nic Cage, but it never made it past pre-production – here’s why it was canceled.

The video game Twisted metal was supposed to get a film adaptation with Nicolas Cage as the star, but sadly, that just didn’t happen. A video game franchise about violent vehicle battles and a wish-fulfilling game show host ringing for the big screen – in the vein of movies like Death race Where Mad Max. When it was initially announced in 2012 that Sony was looking to bring games to the screen, things looked promising for fans of the franchise.

Sony quickly brought in director Brian Taylor to write and direct the film. Given the hectic, action-oriented pace of his previous films, Taylor seemed like a great fit for the project, and he would have hoped to bring Ghost rider star Nicolas Cage will play Sweet Tooth, Twisted metalthe most iconic character of. Cage, coming off his unforgettable turn as the Spirit of Vengeance and known for his energetic and unusually larger-than-life performances, most likely could have embodied perfectly Twisted metalthe killer clown.

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Despite the project Twisted metal The adaptation seems to be gearing up to counter the trend of terrible movie adaptations of video games, years have passed and the film never materialized. It wasn’t until 2017, five years after his appointment as director of the film, that Brian Taylor explained what had happened to his Twisted metal movie, and why Sony ultimately decided it wouldn’t.

Sweet Tooth is the mascot of Twisted Metal

In an interview with ColliderTaylor explained that the studio’s main concern was the film’s budget:

“Sony came out with a new version of the game, didn’t sell very well. So they had this property that looked a bit like this ‘tweener.’ It was a movie that looked like it was going to cost $ 50 million, but they didn’t think the fan base really deserved this kind of movie; it really wanted to be more of a $ 15 million movie, but the nature of it with the sets would have made it too big. “

While a big budget doesn’t necessarily make a great movie, for action movies from Twisted metalIt’s a big consideration. The need for practical effects to make the film convincingly would have pushed that budget much higher than Sony realized, which ultimately led the studio to pull the film before production could even begin.

It is likely that the alleged involvement of an A-List star like Cage would have increased the cost of production as well. While Sony certainly had the potential for a great adaptation in its hands, the waning popularity of the video game franchise turned out to be the death knell for Twisted Metal. movie. It’s not all bad news for fans of the franchise: a Twisted metal A TV series is on the way, written by dead Pool writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick, starring Anthony Mackie. Twisted Metal might finally get her adaptation, but when it comes to Nic Cage’s Sweet Tooth, it looks like this particular ship has been sailing for a long time.

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