“You made the studio do this”

Ryan Reynolds once revealed what got the Deadpool studio green light (Photo Credit – Instagram; Deadpool Poster)

The first Deadpool movie came out in 2016, but apparently Ryan Reynolds was trying to get the movie going for a decade before that. What really got 20th Century Fox greenlighting the project was the fans. Read to know how. The film opened to become a huge box office success and received a positive response from critics.

His second album was released 2 years later in 2018 and was also a hit. People loved Reynolds’ superhero based on the Marvel comics. Now talks for a third part have begun, and it’s rumored to be part of the MCU.

Turns out, what really pushed Deadpool, which Ryan Reynolds had been trying for years, was the leaked footage. According to Insider, Ryan attended Comic-Con in 2015 where he opened the panel by letting fans know the movie was being made because of them.

“Almost a year ago today, some asshole here leaked this footage, and that’s why we’re here,” Ryan Reynolds said. The images he referred to were leaked on the internet, but are now deleted. It received a positive review from everyone and went viral. Although no one knows yet who leaked it.

“You guys, the internet, the fans, you made the studio do this. You folded their arms behind their backs, twisted their fucking necks, and here we are,” Ryan added. Even after years without knowing the person behind the leak, the actor is determined to find out.

Back in 2020, Ryan Reynolds shared a tweet regarding Deadpool 2 and why it took longer to make. He referenced the leak and joked that it needed time to make the next episode as he was still trying to fix it.

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